Nayeli´s Amber Souls HopiHope

Red W,


Keep Smiling´s Black Granat DNA-VP

Black CW, RF, 03/17/2009



Spinoff's Sylver Wolf DNA-VP

Blue Merle W,

                                      WTCH The Bull of Twin Oaks CD RTDcs RDX DNA-VP

                                WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP

                                      WTCH Windsongs Rip Rap DNA-CP

          Justus Blowin' Smoke STDs OTDd DNA-VP

                                   WTCH LasRocosa Pecosa Rojo RTDcs

                        Cheers For Justus CDX STDc OTDds DNA-CP

                                                    WTCH Justus N Lucy Mc Cain CDX RDX DNA-CP            

                                   WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blue RTDc DNA-CP

                        Chakulas Dusty Shades of Blue

                                   Hatties Hope For the Future STDds OTDc

            Four Z's NaKeyTa Spinoff DNA-CP

                                   WTCH Twin Oaks Kit Carson RTDcs RDX DNA-VP

                        Twin Oaks Rhea Raelynn STDcds

                                   WTCH The Sting of Twin Oaks DNA-VP



 Topeka La Rubia Rojo DNA-CP

Red W,

                                         Fairoaks Akeeno

                                  Lyveden Fairapache Nitido At Remuda

                                         Apache Trails Fairoakshanita

             Lyveden Niraya Nagayo

                                       Fairoaks Aladar

                          Fairoaks Alindraya

                                      Ruders I B A Auburn Angel                           

                                      WTCH Ch Diamond Aire St Louis Blues CD

                          Silverledge Slide Me To Da Bar CD STDs

                                      Ch Sundew Ravensong CD TD STDs ATDd

            Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty For Topeka

                                      Hangin Tree Huckleberry

                          HS & W Blazing Star

                                      Mastersons Gitel





Shania of Nayeli´s Amber Souls DNA-VP

Red merle  CW, 09/06//2007



Las Rocosa

Ahbleza DNA-CP

Blue Merle CW,

Ch Fantasias Kaleidoscope

                                               Ch Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus

                                   Ch Briarbrooks Checkmate

                                               Aristocrats Lady Sings the Blues

                        Ch Fantasias Master Peace

                                               Ch Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus

                                   Ch Briarbrooks in Vouge

                                               Ch Briarbrooks Oh! Suzannah                                         

                                               Ch Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus

                                   Ch Fieldmasters Blue Isle Barnstormer

                                               Fieldmasters Lodi

                        Ch Briarbrooks Frosty Mist

                                               Ch Fieldmasters Cast the Die

                                   Ch Aristocrats Hell on Wheels

                                               Ch Silvertone Easy Money  

Las Rocosa April

                                               Las Rocosa Lester CSD

                                   Las Rocosa La Mesa Spur

                                               Ch Las Rocosa Bengali Tigress STDdsOTDc

                        Las Rocosa Rusty Spur

                                               Top of the Line of Heatherhill

                                   Forever Autumn of Van-B

                                               Stardusts Silver Cinnamon                                

                                               Ch Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd

                                    Ch Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs

                                               Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone

                        Las Rocosa Calvary

                                               Las Rocosa Red Rustler

                                   Las Rocosa La Fern Red

                                               Crown Point Dahlia of Las Rocosa                                             



 Divine Firehorses

Nayeli Fox DNA-CP

Red C/W,

Dingoo of the Divine Firehorse

                                               WTCH Lasrocosa Kubliakhan Crown PT RDX

                                   Crown Point Ike von Kahn Fusus

                                               Crownpoint Tarcoola Blue RD STDc OTDds

                        Ann´s King Beaver

                                               Beaver´s Levi Garrett OTDs ATDcd

                                   Beavers Booger STDcds

                                               Agnews Utana Agehyuja                                   

                                               CH Las Rocosa Wyo I

                                   Barr´s Darly Wyo Cowchip K

                                               Barr´s Darlene K

                        Barr´s Lucy Anne

                                               Winnermakers Barr None

                                   Barr´s Fifty Fifty K

                                               Barrs Carol Ann K  

Pogo of the Divine Firehorse

                                               CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wulf STDs

                                   Las Rocosa Kent

                                               Las Rocosa Lily Four A

                        Creek Ranch Red Gus

                                               Phillips´ Billy Bob

                                   Jenny Phillips Lady

                                               Circle L Sara                             

                                               Phillips´ Billy Bob

                                   Phillips´ Black Jack

                                               Phillips´ Sissy Ruff

                        Shamun of the Divine Firehorse

                                               Martinolas Ben of little Horn

                                   Dhana of the Divine Firehorse

                                               Martinolas Curry of little Horn                                   


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